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Almased Meal Replacement Shake

Almased Meal Replacement Shake
Written by Alvin Ross

Almost thirty years ago, a person by the name Hubertus Trouillé’s had a passion which led him to develop a product known as Almased which was meant to help patients with a slow metabolism. Speeding up metabolism led to a great reduction of body fat for the patients. Almased has been known to curb hunger in order to increase the fitness, activate metabolism to guarantee healthy well-being. If you got the excess weight to lose, this is the diet for you. Read through the Almased diet reviews below to understand more about this diet plan.

What is Almased?

Almased is Germany’s number one meal replacement meant for weight loss. It contains essential nutrients which the body requires not forgetting about the amino acids as well as the enzymes which greatly help in digestion. This is a wholesome product which has no artificial flavors, preservatives or even stimulants. It basically contains the naturally occurring sugar and besides, it is non-GMO and gluten-free. This, therefore, makes this diet very ideal for those people with diabetes.

What is Almased for?

The main benefit of this diet program is that it helps you get rid of the most feared yo-yo effect. If you are looking forward to losing weight, the first thing you ought to consider is the metabolism. High consumption of industrial products will definitely slow down the metabolism. This is a situation whereby the body cannot burn calories as fast as it is required to do. Consistent consumption of Almased will help in increasing the speed of metabolism so that the body functions at optimal levels. You can, therefore, be guaranteed of weight loss in a hassle-free manner.

How Almased work?

You will be required to start by simply combining six to eight teaspoons of Almased with around ten to twelve oz. of some bottled water. A single meal replacement of Almased is going to keep you full for around four to six hours as per the manufacturer. Almased has been packed with twenty-seven grams protein that greatly helps in lean muscle growth. Apart from that, Almased helps in reducing the appetite by making people feel full as well as satiated.

Almased Benefits

Boosts metabolism

Almased is not only known for suppressing the appetite but it also provides the body with the required nutrients to burn calories. In that way, the process will take place very fast such that the metabolism speed becomes high.

Enhances energy and mood

one feels the positive effects of this product with just a few shakes. This will allow them to experience more energy which later translates to a better mood while they are on a diet.

Supports healthy blood sugar levels

Almased has not been reported to interfere with any medication which is one of its benefits. It is diabetic-friendly and acts as an ideal protein supplement for the athletes. Moreover, it helps people maintain healthy levels of insulin and blood sugar.

Promotes weight loss

Of course, this is the main benefit of the Almased meal replacement. As we said earlier, it aids in speeding up metabolism. This is simply an increment of the speed at which body fat is burned which leads to weight loss.

Almased Side Effects

almased Review

Stomach issues

the first issue you might experience after using Almased is a stomach problem. Some people reported that their stomach was upset and felt a bit bloated. Diarrhea might also be attributed to this diet, especially for the first-timers. However, this problem will not last.


this is another common problem associated with the use of Almased. This is a situation where you feel a bit weak especially for the first couple of days. Headaches, as well as feelings of fatigue, might also show up.

According to customers, these are the few side effects one might see after using the Almased meal replacement. However, this does not apply to everyone implying that they are not that serious. If they however persist, we recommend that you stop dieting with immediate effect and seek a physician’s advice.

Almased Price 

Almased is available in different online stores as well as other retailers like Amazon. Price at the period when the research was being carried out ranged as below:

  • 1 canister ranged between $27.97 and $40
  • 3 pack was $83.90
  • Wellness tea was $9.99

The refund policies are going to vary between different retailers. If you have any queries, you can easily reach their customer support team which will attend to all your questions.

Bottom Line

Based on the ingredients for the Almased diet plan, it is very nutritious and we, therefore, recommend it. The diet works even for those people who have diabetes. The Almased recipes can work pretty well provided that you follow the laid out phases. Watch what you are eating and at the same time exercise regularly. Sometimes the aspect of being overweight only exists in our heads only. It is therefore important that you check your real weight with the doctor. In case you experience any side effects with these products, it is advisable to stop the diet immediately and later visit a doctor for advice.


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