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Comparison Review Between 310 Shake vs. GNC Total Lean Shake

Written by Algernon Steve

This article is going to be a comparison review between 310 and GNC total lean shakes. The purpose of this is to help you get a better understanding of why I think 310 meal replacement shakes are superior in many ways. When it comes to the world of weight loss shakes, there are so many to choose from that it is enough to make your head spin. I hope that I will be able to help you understand why 310 is a better shake to opt for because of their honest and clear marketing and nutritional info labels. And many 310 shake reviews will confirm this.  

All too often, brands become obsessed with the big sell and find ways to look as if they offer greater quantities of protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. But when you start looking into things a little bit more, you realize that most of what is highlighted is actually quite misleading. This 310 shake review will compare 310 and GNC and show you why 310 nutrition just may trump GNC Total lean shake in the weight loss shake world. So, if you are ready, then let’s get started. 

Serving Sizes:  

310 Shake – 27.7g  

GNC Total Lean – 52g 

When you look at the serving sizes, you will notice that they are really quite different in amounts. This makes for an unfair and disproportionate comparison between the 2 shakes. For this very reason, You are going to even up the serving sizes to 27.7g for the 310 shake, and half the GNC shake to 26g. This will give you a better idea of the values side by side.  

Protein & Sugar Per Serving 

310 Shake: 310 shakes will deliver 15g of their patented Tri-Plex protein, which is a plant-based protein and is completely lactose and dairy free. 310 shakes are also completely sugar-free and are sweetened with natural Stevia leaf extract. 

GNC Total Lean Shake:  GNC Total lean will provide you with 12.5g of whey protein, which is not ideal for those with lactose or dairy intolerances.  However, it fares quite well in the sugar stakes and contains just 1g of sugar per 26g serving. 

When you divide the servings to be equal, you soon realize that GNC Total Lean’s highlighting of its 25g of protein is really not that special at all. In fact, if 310 were to be served at the 52g serving size that GNC is, it would have more protein gram for gram. 

Fiber Per Serving 

310 Shake: You will receive 5g of dietary fiber with each 27g serving of 310 weight loss shake. 310 Shake Reviews reveal that this helps each user feel full after drinking a shake.  

GNC Total Lean Shake: The are 4g of dietary fiber per 26g serving of the GNC Total Lean shake. 

Again, gram for gram, 310 provides more fiber per serving. This is important as it helps with the digestion and processing of food in the digestive tract. Fiber also plays an important role in satiety and keeping blood sugar levels stable. 

Probiotics & Antioxidants Per Serving 

310 Shake: In every serving of a 310 meal replacement shake you will find 1 billion lactobacillus probiotics. These help keep your gut healthy and in good condition and assist in good overall health and wellness. There is also a healthy greens blend of 14 superfoods. All of these work in keeping free radicals at a low level. 

GNC Total Lean Shake: Unfortunately, GNC Total Lean contains absolutely zero probiotics or antioxidants in any shape or form. This makes it less beneficial for the body during periods of dieting. 

Vitamins & Minerals Per Serving 

310 Shake: 310 contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals, which are needed for optimal health and wellness. 

GNC Total Lean Shake: consists of 22 vitamins and minerals but in much lower concentrations than 310. 

While there are an extra 2 vitamins and minerals in the GNC Total Lean shake, the concentration of them is lower than that in the 310 shakes. 

Servings Per Container 

310 Shake: There are a total of 29 servings in each container of the 310 meal replacement shakes. 

GNC Total Lean Shake: There are 32 servings per GNC Total Lean container. 

What Do 310 Shake Reviews Such as This Show Us? 

While GNC Total Lean has more protein and fiber per serving, it is important to remember that these servings are double the size of the 310 Nutrition meal replacement shakes. This means that when all is said and done, 310 shakes provide a better level of quality and nutrition in each and every shake.

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