These days you can find a different type of Korean beauty care products at various places with ease. Every other day, the market welcomes a few new Koran beauty products for makeup, skin care, and face mask for the perfect look. If you want to enhance your look, then not only these Korean beauty products can offer great help to you, but you can get amazing befit from their beauty tips as well. 
You can take Charlotte Cho’s opinion for this. Cho is a famous aesthetician, and she is also the co-founder of the Soko Glam which is one of the most popular sites for Korean Beauty. Recently she visited South Korea, and she learned a popular tip that Korean women follow for their beauty. Cho calls it three seconds moisturize rule.  
This rule is quite simple and straightforward. You should simply go to your skin care routine in less than three seconds after washing your face or skin. According to Cho, your damp skin can easily absorb the skin care products, as compared to dry skin. Also, the substance of your skin care product can help you retain the water available on your skin, and that keeps the skin moisturized for a longer time. And if you think this rule is supported only by Charlotte Cho or South Korean women, then you are wrong about it. In fact, most of the renowned beauty expert and skin care specialist have a similar suggestion with a slight variation of words. 
This three second rule is supported by Joshua Zeichner as well who is M.D. and working as director of cosmetics & clinical research, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City. He suggests one should apply the moisturizer right after the shower so they can have all the amazing benefits that can soothe skin.  
According to Zeichnermoist and hydrated skin can absorb topical ingredients more easily compared to dry skin. He says many studies also proved and supported this theory that applying skin care product on slightly damp skin gives more hydration than dry skin. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to apply the beauty products on your skin just after it’s been washed and gently patted with a clean towel.  
Here you should understand that three second is not a thumb rule and if you make it few seconds delay, then there would be nothing wrong in it. But you need to understand this should be as soon as possible. Some experts like Dr. Joshua believe one can have the same kind of skin care product penetration for up to one minute after washing and drying the face. However, it is always a wise idea that you do not make any delay in this process and you apply the beauty products as soon as you could. So, you should not make any delay in this application of moisturizer to maintain the beauty of your skin with ease.