What if our default was to embrace that feeling of uncertainty, and strive to discover what we’re being called to do?

Do you ever get the deep-down feeling that there’s so much more meant for you in life?

I’ve accepted that pushing my boundaries and getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable is essential for continued growth in life. Playing safe was easy. Sticking to ‘my’ normal everyday routine THAT was easy. Living with eyes wide shut to the possibilities that there could be so much more, NOT SO EASY!

The more I explored this feeling. Sitting with the introspective interrogation of self, asking over and over,

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Is this all there is?’

I finally answered.

NO! (Unless I choose it to be)

In life, once you embrace the journey along an endless path of possibility, the feeling can no longer be ignored. In my experience, the more we work on suppressing this spiritual call to action, the more we feel discontent with self (based on my personal experience). And to be honest, I found that my initial default was to question my motives, trying to talk myself out of it, and list all the reasons why I would fail and not be able to make it work… funny how that was a default way of being for me, and I had never really paid attention to it.

And so, almost 30 months ago, my family and I said ‘let’s do this!’ what do we have to lose — but more than that, we drilled down deep on the question, ‘What do we have to gain?!’ And set off on a journey that has brought us all over North America, and now back to Bali, Indonesia. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have it figured out yet, and you know what, there’s the possibility that we never will. But that doesn’t matter because we’re together and living in alignment with our purpose, as we help others with answering the question, ‘Is this it?’, guiding them through similar journeys of creating their ideal lifestyle by purposeful design.

I like to think of it as pro-active living. Resetting our defaults and pressing forward into the expanse of possibility.

We have but one life to live, but if done right, one is enough.

No more holding back, time to GO GET IT!


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